Prostate enlargement is a very common condition in men over fifty years old and the risk increases further with age. 

The prostate, an important organ of the male reproductive system, can become enlarged due to different disorders. The main medical conditions affecting the prostate are inflammation, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and prostate cancer. 

There are several risk factors that can increase the chances of having an enlarged prostate with age. Health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart and circulatory disease have been found to increase the risk of prostate enlargement. A family history of BPH can also be an influencing factor. 

Lifestyle choices can also have an impact on prostate health. And while the exact causes are not clear, some changes to diet and lifestyle can positively impact the prostate gland. 

Things such as coffee and alcoholic drinks have been a major target when it comes to healthy choices. The controversy seems neverending, with coffee and alcoholic drinks such as wine sometimes demonized and other times praised. But when it comes to prostate health, what should you drink and what should you avoid?


When it comes to coffee, an important distinction must be made. Whether you already have an enlarged prostate or not. In fact, studies have shown that caffeine doesn’t increase the risk of prostate disorders, on the contrary, it can be beneficial. However, caffeine is a diuretic, therefore if you already suffer from an enlarged prostate, it can aggravate symptoms. Especially when consumed later in the day, it can increase the frequency and urgency to urinate. 

So drinking coffee will not cause BPH or prostate cancer. But if you do have any prostate disorder it’s better to keep an eye on quantities and time of the day. 


The controversy on this one is still ongoing. While some studies show how moderate consumption of alcoholic drinks has beneficial effects on the prostate, others seem to show the exact opposite. An excess of alcohol is certainly not beneficial. 

However, not all alcoholic drinks are made equal. Apparently, red wine is a winner when it comes to prostate health. The beneficial effects seem counterintuitive since alcohol is notoriously diuretic, therefore should have a negative impact on the prostate gland. The explanation seems to come from the fact that moderate consumption of red wine has a beneficial impact on overall heart health. And since health conditions raise the risk of prostate enlargement, a healthy heart leads to a healthy prostate.

Bottom line? You can keep having that drink or two a day, not more. And when it comes to wine, choose red. 


You can’t go wrong with tea, right?

Yes and no.

Green tea and hibiscus tea are some of the favorites for prostate health. These types of tea contain antioxidants and have been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer while also having benefits for BPH and prostatitis. 

In general, tea is fine as long as it doesn’t contain caffeine. If it does, the same rule for coffee applies.

And let’s not forget about water. Drinking plenty of water helps you stay hydrated and we all know it helps with overall health. Just don’t gulp down a big glass of water right before going to bed.