You want to save more money but you don’t know what to cut out? We have so many expenses that we pay without giving them a second thought. Sometimes little tweaks and changes can make a huge difference when you add everything up.

Here are a few tips on how to reduce your expenses without giving up too much.

Review your expenses and cut extras 

The first step to reduce your expense should be becoming aware of exactly what you are paying for. Review your bills to see what is included and remove unused extra services. Check for instance your phone bill. Are you paying extra for caller ID? And do you really need it? And do you really need cable or satellite TV if all you watch is Nextflix? Even more, if you have both cable and satellite, wouldn’t it be wise to just stick to one?

Cancel unused subscriptions

Subscribing to some new online service takes a matter of minutes but then we likely forget about it. So we accumulate subscriptions over subscriptions to services that we barely use. You don’t need to cancel them all, but do reevaluate which ones are worth keeping and which ones you are barely using if not at all. From streaming to music, magazines, and more, you probably will find a couple of unused subscriptions.

Get a service bundle

If you have separate bills for all your services, you may want to consider bundling them up. There are many companies that offer bundles like cable, internet, and phone at a discounted price. Research the companies that offer such services in your area and make the switch. 

Change insurance

Take a look online to see if you can find a better, cheaper option for your auto or home insurance. A quick online search will allow you to find an array of options and if you find a discount that allows you to save a substantial amount of money, go for it.

Shop with discounts and coupons

Are you just grabbing products off the supermarket shelves without a second thought? If so, you may be spending more money than needed. Start looking for discounts, maybe buy more of a product when you find it at a good price so you won’t need to buy it at higher prices later. Check online for websites that allow you to print out coupons or for apps. Yes, there are apps for coupons too!

Save energy

Start being more conscious of your energy consumption. You’ll do both your finances and the environment a favor. There are many ways to reduce your energy consumption, from unplugging idle appliances to turning off the lights when not necessary and using energy-efficient light bulbs. Start to also pay attention to the kind of appliances you buy. Do your laundry in cold water when possible and install a programmable thermostat. Also, don’t leave your computer on standby all the time! Little tweaks can save you money on utility bills.

Don’t be late with your bills

Avoid paying late fees by paying your bills on time. If you find it hard to stay on track with your bills, consider creating a monthly budget that can help you stay on track with all your expenses.

Cook your meals

Are you eating out a lot? If so, cutting back on that in favor of cooking your own meals can save you quite a lot of extra money. You don’t know how to cook? You don’t need to become a Michelin star chef, nowadays you can find so many easy recipes online. You’ll save money and learn something new in the process.